Social networking for fun and profit

By Jacinta Richardson.

Published by The Open Source Developers' Conference Papers

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"Networking" is one of those strange buzz words which excites sales people and managers and causes many geeks to feel guilty. Everyone talks about networking and the power of doing it effectively, yet many of us know we're bad at it. Networking is a little like eating a healthy diet. We know that increasing our contacts will help us be more successful, but we don't always feel like socialising with yet another group of strangers. Likewise we know we should start the day with a healthy breakfast like museli and milk, but often we'd rather eat something else.

Relax. Networking isn't only the sport of the extroverted sales people. Networking is something that we can all do to help our job prospects, our knowledge bases, our personal development and our chances to find decent gaming partners.

This talk will cover a number of useful tricks to help people network more effectively, with their peers, with their managers and even with the average person you might meet in the supermarket.

Keywords: Socialising, Networking, Contacts, Sales, Personal Promotion, Soft Skills

Article: Electronic (PDF File; 396.961KB). Published by The Open Source Developers' Conference Papers.

Jacinta Richardson

Jacinta Richardson, B Software Eng (Hons), B Sci, has more than eight years of commercial Perl and teaching experience. She is a qualified software engineer and the chief technical writer and course coordinator for Perl Training Australia. Jacinta is a prominent figure on perlmonks where she holds the title of Saint. She actively supports many local Australian Open Source user groups such as Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane Perl Mongers, Melbourne and Sydney LinuxChix and various Linux and BSD user groups. In her free time she likes to work in her garden, scuba dive and cook.