Coding in a Distributed Team: Testing, Reviewing, Sharing and Merging Code Without Going Crazy

By Andrew Bennetts.

Published by The Open Source Developers' Conference Papers

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Canonical Ltd has 20 developers in 5 continents, mostly working from home. Andrew Bennetts describes the tools and processes they use to collaborate on a single code base productively.

Keywords: Software Development, Quality Assurance, Bazaar, Patch Queue Manager

Article: Electronic (PDF File; 239.836KB). Published by The Open Source Developers' Conference Papers.

Mr. Andrew Bennetts

Andrew Bennetts has been a professional Python programmer since 2001, most recently as part of the Canonical Ltd team building using Zope 3, SQLObject, bzr and Twisted. His previous work included writing stock market data feed processing code with Python, which ran faster (and crashed less) than the C++ it replaced. Outside work, Andrew regularly contributes to the development of Twisted, an asynchronous network programming framework for Python. He's a member of the Sydney Linux Users Group (SLUG), and has given talks on Python and Twisted to SLUG and SLUG's Python Interest Group. He also arranged the Python mini-conf at 2004, where he gave a talk about Twisted. Andrew is particularly interested in code quality issues and much of his professional time is taken up with reviewing other developers' code. He has worked with a number of others to promote test-driven development in his team.