Automatic Text Generation and Weather Forecasting

By Tennessee Leeuwenburg.

Published by The Open Source Developers' Conference Papers

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The Graphical Forecast Editor (GFE) is a new project within the Bureau of Meteorology to improving product quality and providing access to new forms of digital product.

Keywords: Meteorology, Science, Graphical Forecast Editor, python, XML, digital products

Article: Electronic (PDF File; 234.573KB). Published by The Open Source Developers' Conference Papers.

Tennessee Leeuwenburg

Tennessee Leeuwenburg has worked in the computer science area since graduating in 2001. His work efforts have concentrated on information management, covering database, preparation and process aspects. He is currently employed to develop and extend the automatic generation of weather forecast text products from the next-generation forecasting tool, the "Graphical Forecast Editor". Immediately prior to this, he was working on the OpenDAP scientific data exchange protocol and object-oriented databases. He presented a paper on this topic to the Asia Pacific Advanced Computed '05 conference. He has also worked in electronic document management in a legal environment. His programming language of choice is Python.