Career Development for Developer Geeks

By Erik de Castro Lopo.

Published by The Open Source Developers' Conference Papers

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How to manage your career so you work sensible hours, get paid well, reduce stress and generally improve your working life.

Keywords: Career development

Article: Electronic (PDF File; 99.188KB). Published by The Open Source Developers' Conference Papers.

Erik de Castro Lopo

Erik de Castro Lopo graduated from the University of Newcastle in 1992 with a B.Eng (hons) in Computer Engineering. He used various unices at university and found Linux in 1995. He released libsndfile, his first open source/free software project in 1999 and has contributed bug fixes, patches and code to numerous FOSS projects since. Professionally, Erik has worked as a hardware design engineer, a senior level support engineer and as a software engineer. He has experienced developement projects which ranged from the soul destroying white knuckle terror of a project seriously off the rails to projects that are reasonably well organised and well executed. After experiencing this wide range of projects Erik attempts the fix problems in the way the project is managed as early as possible so that projects can be transformed from hellish to sensible.