J2EE and Open Source Innovation: The Relationship between Open Source and Standards

By Keith Pitty.

Published by The Open Source Developers' Conference Papers

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Several open source responses to J2EE including Hibernate, Spring, Ruby on Rails and Seam are discussed in the context of the relationship between open source and standards.

Keywords: Java 2 Enterprise Edition, Open Source Application Frameworks, Disruptive Technologies, Hibernate, Spring Framework, JavaServer Faces, Ruby on Rails, Seam, Open Source influence on Standards, Java Enterprise Edition 5

Article: Electronic (PDF File; 156.278KB). Published by The Open Source Developers' Conference Papers.

Keith Pitty

Born in Hobart, Keith has been fascinated by computer programming since he was introduced to Pascal by Professor Jan Hext in a Computer Science lecture at Sydney University in 1980. After graduating with a BSc, Keith spent many years developing software on IBM mainframes, typically using technologies such as PL/I, IMS, CICS and JCL. This experience left him searching for a more elegant approach. Exploration of Object Orientation and Smalltalk followed before he was enticed by the Java juggernaut. A Senior Consultant with Cirrus Technologies Pty Ltd in Sydney since 2000, Keith has continued to search for more elegant software development approaches and during the last two years has taken an increasing interest in Ruby on Rails whilst keeping a keen eye on Java EE developments.