Usability, user-centered design (UCD) and FOSS

By Scott Rippon.

Published by The Open Source Developers' Conference Papers

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Aims to give an introduction to usability and user-centered design (UCD), it's benefits, and why we should use UCD techniques on the projects we are working on.

Keywords: Usability, User-Centered Design, UCD, Interface Design, Evaluation, Free Software, Open Source Software

Article: Electronic (PDF File; 188.256KB). Published by The Open Source Developers' Conference Papers.

Scott Rippon

Scott has worked as a Web Developer (Faculty of Arts) and User Interface Designer (Information Services division) at Monash University since 2001. Working for ITS, Scott has been involved in a number of projects. These include designing and evaluating user interfaces using user-centered design techniques such as usability testing, paper prototyping and card sorting. Scott has also helped develop and facilitate training programs on topics such as writing for the web, quality assurance, and web accessibility. Scott is keenly interested in web accessibility and is a member of the Web Accessibility Network for Australian Universities (WANAU). Other personal interests include robotics, philosophy and international development, which he is presently studying with the hope of making the world a better place.