Life's Pretty Straight Without Twisted: A beginner's guide to the Twisted framework.

By Justin Warren.

Published by The Open Source Developers' Conference Papers

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The Twisted framework is a powerful asynchronous programming framework
written in Python and centred on network programming. With great power
comes a steep learning curve and this presentation hopes to provide a
full set of climbing gear to assist the novice in scaling the craggy
peaks of twisted programming. The inner depths of Factory and Protocol
classes; the strange beauty of asynchronous code; the wonder of
Deferreds, all of this and more awaits you at the summit. Grab your
editor of choice and be guided to the nooks and crannies that will make
your ascent to twisted guru that much easier.

Keywords: python, network programming

Article: Electronic (PDF File; 415.379KB). Published by The Open Source Developers' Conference Papers.

Justin Warren

Justin is a multi-skilled consultant with Unicity Pty Ltd, a specialist consulting firm based in Melbourne. He has worn many hats in his 10 year career, from unix sysadmin to network architect to storage and backup guru. In his Copious Free Time, he also works on open source projects, mostly in the Python programming language.