Manipulating IOS from Linux: Keeping Cisco Switches Consistent

By Kim Oldfield.

Published by The Open Source Developers' Conference Papers

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In the course of my job looking after Cisco switches and routers I have written several tools which I now use daily. These tools are available under the GPL at
These tools are:
acllint: checks ACLs for redundant lines;
grepacl: show the ACL lines which will match given source and or destination IP addresses and/or ports; login to an IOS (or CatOS) device and run user specified commands, can also be used as a python module for more complex interaction;
ioslogin: wrapper around to login and give a command prompt.

This paper will demonstrate basic use of each of these tools, and talk about some of programs written which make use of

Keywords: Python, Cisco, IOS, ACL, Network, Router, Switch

Article: Electronic (PDF File; 486.748KB). Published by The Open Source Developers' Conference Papers.

Kim Oldfield

Kim Oldfield is currently working as a Computer Network Engineer at Monash University. This involves looking after Cisco switches and routers, and writing python scripts to help manage them. Kim has been using Open Source for over 10 years, having started using Linux back in the 1.0 days. In the past he has held several executive positions on the Linux Users of Victoria Inc. committee.